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Learning to ask better questions, to listen intently and clarify the process through which a decision was made is much more effective than giving advice.

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 You don't change a person's mind.

You build their mindset.

What's on your mind doesn’t matter. It's what's driving your mindset that you should be concerned about.

We have a thousand challenges, priorities, and distractions to occupy our minds each and every day of the week.

In fact, we make more decisions before 10:00 am than we used to make in an entire day less than 50 years ago...which means, whatever is on your mind right now will likely be replaced by something else in just a few minutes.

But, despite this reality, we tend to treat everything that is on our mind RIGHT NOW like it's the most important thing. Like we can't move forward until it's figured out, or that if we could just get the answer to this problem all will be well.

Only, it never is.
Whatever is on our mind is being driven, in part or in whole, by two things:
(1) The mindset we are bringing to the problem.
(2) The mindset that has influenced the creation of the problem in the first place.

And these two mindsets might not even be in line with where we want to go.

In other words, how we arrive at a particular challenge, depends on what is important to us and will determine how we get to somewhere else - wherever that might be.
This is why mindset matters.

Our awareness of this and what to do, however, enables us to change our mindset so that we can realize our potential.

There is a quick process we can apply to any challenge and it involves three types of questions you can ask yourself:

1) Past questions: How did I get here? What was my part in bringing this current challenge to bear?

2) Present questions: Why does this matter? Why am I giving this so much time and attention?

3) Potential questions: Where do I want to go? What does that mean for the importance I place on this current problem?
You might not have an answer for all of those. And that's the point.

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