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PeopleStrength has founded the only membership for individuals, leaders, influencers and coaches to help strengthen their teams, communities - and themselves - through the power of connection.


Build Connecting Conversations for just $90/month

  • Explore what's possible in your life and others with the questions that bring down the walls that are preventing your potential from being realized.
  • Find clarity, validation and connection with a community of like-minded people.
  • Gain immediate access to pre-recorded training sessions to start building your validation.
  • Jump into your first practice session within the next week and have ongoing access to FIRES sessions that run 4-5 times per week.
  • Monthly members can cancel at anytime

Salome M.

I'm thrilled by the personal revelations that I experience each time I participate in the FIRES gym. Had I known that this is what would happen, I would have jumped on board much earlier. The opportunity to pause and process the questions that we ask each other is priceless. The resulting revelations are a powerful motivation to continue tapping into myself, the greatest resource that I have. 
Today, I realized that the outcomes of these weekly gym sessions is like finding a stash of cash that I didn't know I had.  Now, I'm more encouraged to stay the course,  attend the gym sessions each week, and continue to peel back the layers and identify the treasures that already exist in my life!

What's Inside...

Free Community Membership

Access free resources, trainings & more by joining the PeopleStrength community as a free member.

  • Discuss ideas about mindset, motivation, curiosity and more with people around the world on our private community group (no social media accounts required!)

  • Receive weekly updates from Author, Speaker & PeopleStrength Founder Brian Fretwell

  • Attend the free online practice sessions

FIRES Membership

Build connection, validation and get the support you need from a community of like-minded people with access to:

  • Pre-recorded course materials to start using what you learn at home, at work and as you network with your peers

  • Weekly one-hour beginner sessions to get you started 
  • Weekly one-hour FIRES sessions that run 4-5 times per week to take your mindset fitness to the next level

  • 24-hour access to our private online community

Charlie V.

My experience with the process fundamentally changed my leadership style and my career trajectory. I transitioned from “fixing” my sales team to utilizing questions to help them identify what they did well already and getting better at that. Now I lead an incredible sales team using these principles.

Join our community, become a member or train as a facilitator

Free Community Membership


  • Access free resources & trainings
  • Discuss ideas with like-minded people on our private PeopleStrength community (no social media accounts required!)
  • Weekly insights & updates on mindset fitness
  • Attend free online sessions

FIRES Membership



  • Monthly "FIRES Essentials" Courses
  • Access to the Private FIRES Online Community

Professional Facilitator Program


3 Months

  • Become a certified FIRES facilitator

  • Help your team discover new and previously unimaginable solutions

  • Bring teams together faster
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Achieve greater productivity in the workplace

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